Mag Flakes- Stop Arena Dust!

As the weather turns colder across much of the US, and a large part of our riding moves indoors, dust becomes a huge concern. Many prefer riding outside, but weather will not always allow that. Improve your indoor riding experience with the addition of Mag Flakes.

I’ve heard my father-in-law say it a million times, “I’d be able to breathe a lot better but I’ve been in that barn and in that dust for too many years.” Well, I don’t want to listen to Casey or our boys say it for the next 60 years, too! Which is why I am a strong supporter of the addition of Mag Flakes in our indoor arena.

There is an initial investment but the upkeep and operating costs are minimal. Learn the details and watch the testimonials here.

I remember not even being able to take pictures or video in the arena because the dust was so bad. Even if you couldn’t see it with the naked eye, the flash of the camera would find the dust particles everywhere. That’s what we, and the horses, were inhaling with every breath.

After applying and maintaining the arena with Mag Flakes our barn life has improved tremendously. Not only have our lungs been spared, but also our eyes have found relief from the poor visibility and itch-causing dust. Our tack stays cleaner and our clothes and boots too, thanks to these little flakes.

Get the most out of your indoor space and end the suffering by investing in your health and comfort.

Are you interested in adding Mag flakes or pellets to your arena? We are not distributors, but we can put you in contact with the right people.

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  1. Dust Halt is an environmentally friendly additive that pairs with your horse rubber and sand footings to create a dust-free riding space. The product uses a flocculation polymer to charge individual dust particles with a negative pole, attracting them to the footing materials.

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