Indoor Arena Lighting Makeover

Lights are lights, right? Flip the switch and darkness is no more.

Some of that is true, but lights are definitely not all the same. Often times our arena and barns need a lighting makeover, and we don’t even realize it.

When we built our riding arena 15+ years ago, we installed good lights. We were simply glad to be riding without headlamps, outside, after sunset. For years we remained satisfied with our lighting; the bulbs didn’t burn out, so replacement wasn’t considered.

Here are before pictures (actually during I guess). We had one light in the corner replaced to get an idea of the difference. You can see how it acts like a spotlight compared to the standard bulbs throughout the rest of the barn.

Recently, we started looking into making a change. We have been creating more videos and taking photos inside the arena- cold weather, wind or rain can drive more riding indoors, that’s for sure.

We’ve also had some peer pressure. Visitors to our barn, friends and customers alike, have suggested we upgrade to LED lights. We finally took the plunge.

It wasn’t so much the monetary investment, but the idea of “if its not broke, don’t fix it”. We figured one day the bulbs would begin burning out and then we’d replace with LEDs. Not that simple… and wouldn’t you know it, the one time you’d like your barn lights to burn out, they don’t…

We did salvage the old bulbs. We can use them in other barns. We haven’t upgraded everywhere just yet.

Here’s a before and after shot. Not perfect pictures, but there’s light all of the way into the corners now. Such an improvement.

After doing some comparing, and listening to the advice of “Bo the Builder”, we decided not to just switch out the bulbs (which would also require adaptors), but we had the entire fixtures replaced. It was more cost effective and provided more lumens- resulting in a great new look for less money. Yay!

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We couldn’t be happier with the new bright look of the arena. It is much easier to capture good pictures and videos of the horses and riders, without constantly adjusting or relocating because of the lighting.

The mood is also much better. If we’re riding indoors, then there’s usually a reason for it-We’d prefer to be outside. The arena gets the most use during the cold, short days of winter. The bright lights can’t quite mimic the warm sunshine but they are an improvement from what was there before.

Do you still have standard light bulbs in your barn, arena, or any work area? It might be time to upgrade.

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