Fall Weaning- Using the Almanac and Common Sense When Weaning A Spring Calf Crop

According to the almanac, October 26, 2020 is an ideal date for weaning animals and children. Almanacs and others wives tales are often used when deciding what day is best to wean calves. Many other recommendations are made throughout the pages- either printed or found online, for everything from when to cut your hair to when to plant potatoes.

Bringing the herd home- preparing for weaning.

When choosing a date for weaning many factors should be taken into account:

  • The age of calves
  • The pregnancy period of the cows
  • The condition of cows
  • The condition and weight of calves
  • Weather conditions
  • Other stresses- such as dehorning, vaccinations, etc.

In addition to all of this ranching knowledge, referring to the Farmer’s Almanac may be used as a bonus. If possible, why not try to stick to it? It can’t hurt.

This year, we took all of this into consideration and weaned on Oct. 24. Snow fell on Oct. 26 and we were pressed for time on Oct. 25. The 24th seemed like a nice option. So far so good. I don’t hear much bawling out my windows.

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