DIY Ranch Photography- Part 1- The Three “Ps” of the Pregame

Determine the Purpose

Ask yourself these questions. More than one answer may apply, and that’s fine.

Are your photos for fun or business? What is your goal or purpose?

Ranch/Farm marketing piece? Lifestyle? Landscape? Livestock Marketing? Sale catalog entry?

Product or brand positioning and promotion? Is the person/persons the focus? A Christmas card? Senior picture? Social media profile? Documenting memories?

Determine the Platform

What do you plan to do with the photos? We’ve established the goal, but where will you “place” the photo(s) to achieve success? Facebook or Instagram post? Print advertising and promotion? A sale catalog? This section may also have multiple answers. They can overlap.
Know your purpose and photograph accordingly.

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Determine the Person and Arm Them

Are you set up to make this a reality? With basic equipment, you can create standard, near-professional photos that will meet or exceed your goals.

I use an iphone for all of our photos and videos. It works well because of the small size and it can be conveniently packed and transported. I have just a couple gadgets, but honestly I hardly ever use them: A selfie stick and a tripod with a ring light.

In our operation, I am the designated photographer, but occasionally I need to share that responsibility. I can’t always be where the action is, and sometimes I am the model instead of the photographer. Almost anyone you hand your phone to can operate it.

Bonus tip: Still don’t feel comfortable behind the camera? Implement these practices and the others in Part 2, but hire a professional for the actual photo shoot. Preparation is still needed on your part even if you’re not physically taking the pictures. Your photographer will thank you and you’ll get more bang for your buck. The end result will be much better if you, your animals and your photographer are all prepared and on the same page.

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