DIY Ranch Photography- Part 3- Picture Day is Here

Weather Conditions

We can’t control Mother Nature, but we do have some control over our schedules. Try to pick a day with optimal weather. Warm, sunny, no wind, no mud… In a place like Missouri, that is almost impossible. So do your best to work with what you have. Take some photos in the barn if possible. Find an area with a wind block. Choose the brightest part of the day and find areas that aren’t as muddy or icy.

Dust Conditions

Dust partials may not be noticeable to the naked eye, but camera lenses and different lighting conditions can accentuate them, creating bubbles or prisms in your photo. When photographing in a barn or arena, take precautions to keep the dust down. You won’t want to be breathing it, and you definitely won’t want it showing up in your pictures.

Horse Mood

Exercise your horse. Get them familiar with the surroundings. Make sure they are fed and watered. If your horse is accustomed to getting treats, it might not hurt to have a couple in your pocket or nearby.

Groom your horse

Have your horse clean (and dry too). This may take some planning depending on the weather conditions and your accessibility to a washing area.
Have your horse well groomed- from hooves to ears and everything in between.

Groom yourself

If you’re planning to be a part of the photo shoot, get camera-ready. Choose a flattering outfit, dust off your hat and make sure you’re looking your best. You may not be the focus of the shoot, but you also don’t want to look distracting or takeaway from the horse.
If you’re not planning to be in front of the camera- you might think: we’re only taking photos of the horse; why does it matter how I look? Let me tell you, things don’t always go as planned. There might be an awesome opportunity missed because there wasn’t a human available to jump into the photo. No modeling talent needed, just be presentable.

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