DIY Ranch Photography- Part 4- ShowTime Take-Aways

You’ll want give lots of effort, have lots of patience, and be very flexible. But with all of this generosity, there are a few things to “take” from your photo shoot.

Take Your Time

Don’t plan for this to be a couple-minute-task. Set aside a large block of time and if you finish early, that’s great. You’ll want to have plenty of time so you can avoid feeling rushed.
At the same time, any period of time is better than nothing. Take advantage of every and any chance you get.

Take Lots of Pictures

You’re not paying for film. Take plenty of shots.
These are the 2020’s. Long gone are the days of film cameras or Polaroid pictures. Check your memory on your phone or digital camera first, and then go to town! There is no investment in those pictures you delete. There is no disadvantage to shoot-away. Quantity will give you the best chance for finding quality in your album. Who doesn’t like better odds?

Take a Variety of Shots

Take photos from different angles and different views. Maintain your purpose and keep the end results in mind. Horizontal and Vertical shots. Close up and wide angle. Are you looking for great detail or a simple overall shot? Zoom in or take the extra step closer. Stand on a ladder or bucket or squat or lay on the ground. Put yourself in the best position possible and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Take in the View

Know the basics. Where is your light coming from? Natural sources, like the sun? Barn lighting? A flash or photography lighting? How does the subject align with the light? Don’t get lost in the shadows. Let the light highlight your focus object (ie: horse, dog, cow, child or even landscape). Also be careful of unwanted shadows. You’ll often want the light source behind the camera shining toward the model; don’t let your body block the light and cause a shadow that creeps into your photo.

Take in the Experience

Have fun. Let loose and enjoy this opportunity. You’re creating art. Become the artist. Let your creative side shine. What can it hurt? You may surprise yourself.
Also soak in the fact that you’re documenting subjects, capturing moments and creating memories. The end goal may be promotional or advertising, but you’ll still have these images in your personal database. You’ll be able to look back at a photo and be reminded of a particular time and place, animal and/or person. After all we’ve all heard the clique “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Bonus Tip

While you have everything set up, take some video too. Apply all of the same principles, change your setting to video, and let the camera roll.

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