Missouri High School Rodeo 2023-2024 Season: Saline County Fairgrounds/Missouri Valley College Arena- Marshall

“This ain’t my first rodeo” was our “theme” for the High School Rodeo in Marshall. The second rodeo of the season meant that the whole family was a little more comfortable and prepared.

We arrived as a “full family” to the Saline County Fair Grounds in Marshall, MO around 5:00pm on Sept. 8th. We were able to get a RV hook-up, but they didn’t offer any stalls, so we made camp for ourselves and the two horses.

Parker and Hank stretched their legs while the boys rode them around bareback with halters.

Team Roping

Garrett and his team roping partner, Josey Schaller, we able to spend more time together. The families got to meet and visit too.

Unfortunately the team couldn’t connect on the fast steers, in the short arena. Josey was able to catch on the head side both performances, but Garrett wasn’t able to take a good shot on Saturday as the steer darted at the open gate. Sunday was a similar story, with Garrett not even throwing a loop because the calf crossed the plain of the gateway. On the plus side, no real mistakes were made by the cowboys, and the horses did great.

Crayton had the same success in team roping, (or lack of). He was selected for the draw, with Laney McGee as his header. She was unable to catch in both performances.

His team mate, Chloe White, threw two good loops, but was unable to catch either. Crayton- 4 runs with no heeling opportunities. 🙁

It was a tough weekend for all team ropers. Only 5 teams caught on Saturday and 9 on Sunday (21 teams ran each day).

Calf Roping

Crayton continued his streak, catching and tying in both performances.

Saturday he had a smooth run in 13.32 seconds and finished 5th, earning a little money and 6 points.

Sunday, Crayton had another solid run: 14.9 seconds, finishing in 7th for 4 points.

Watch videos of Crayton’s calf roping runs here:


The camp grounds, located on the south side of the fairgrounds and up the hill from the arena, were nice. There were many large trees and flat camping sites. We were able to tie to the outside of a nearby barn, but horses weren’t allowed inside.

There was room to exercise the horses, which even Casey volunteered to assist with. He can only sit still for so long!

We met our camping neighbors, a group of rodeo families from Salem, MO. They invited us for a huge fish fry with all of the fixins’.

Fun and Memories

We were a long ways away from the other trailers- without electric hookups. Garrett caught a ride up to the trailer with his friend Delaina.

We managed to snap a couple pictures at the trailer. Thanks to our friend, Cash, for taking the pictures and then photo-bombing 🙂

Season Standings

Two rodeo weekends down, and Crayton is in 3rd place.

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