DIY Ranch Photography- Part 6- Photo Sharing


You have created some real masterpieces. Awesome! What an accomplishment?!
Now don’t let these works of art “die” on your phone or computer.


Go back and revisit your purposes. Follow through with your implementation. Hopefully you have met all of your goals.

Take Action

Schedule those social media posts. Submit your catalog photos before the deadline. Order your Christmas cards so they arrive before New Years Eve.

The excuses end here. Take the photos yourself and you’ll be in control of the whole process.

Don’t Stop Now- You’re on a Roll

Now is the time to take the extra steps. You own the photos but you don’t have to keep them to yourself. Here are a few ideas to share your creations:

Enter contests. Check the internet and your area organizations for photo entry opportunities. You might get your picture featured in a printed calendar or win some swag from a local or even national business.

Be sure to tag and share with businesses on social media. A cowboy hat feature (shown here) resulted in a much larger social media audience seeing the photo of our consigned horse.

Capitalize in Your Investment

You may not get paid for your photography expertise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap some rewards. Your hard work and blossoming talent can result in some indirect income.

Don’t stop at a general catalog photo. Submit a cover shot.

Trending: the odds increase with each step: the better the photo = better chance of getting on the cover = attracts more attention = more interested buyers = resulting in a higher selling price. Sure it doesn’t always work out that way, but the odds do increase. Your time is valuable, but putting in a little extra time and effort may result in more money in your pocket.

Personalization Can Be Priceless

Customized pieces are all the rage now. I don’t think it will ever go out of style.
This is true for gift giving, as well as documenting your own adventures and special experiences. This principle can apply to everything from social media to physical items.

Feature a favorite animal on Facebook or order printed pictures to frame.

Create a personalized graphic to use on social media. Nothing personalizes this Father’s Day greeting more than an actual picture of “Mr. Schwieter”.

Create a photo book to document a vacation or an awesome experience. If you don’t want to invest in an actual book, tell your story with photos on social media.

Order photo gifts- Canvases, blankets, magnets, framed art, coffee mugs… the possibilities are endless. Casey’s office is decorated with canvas prints of him and the boys on horseback. I’ve even given socks adorned with personalized photos as a Christmas gift.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

You’ll have ample content to share on social media and you can do much of your own marketing with just pictures alone. You’ll have gift options galore. No more trying to remember the time when… you’ll have it documented in your photo files. And when you tell someone about a horse you have at home and they ask to see it- you’ll have good pictures ready to share.

Remember, you don’t have to do all of these things all at once. Keep your photographs organized and you can refer back to them at any time.

Your horse may not be for sale now, but when you’re ready to market it, you’ll have photos ready. It may only be June, but you’ll need a Christmas gift before you know it. That vacation is fresh on your mind now, but won’t it be nice to look back in a couple years and remember the details captured in your photography. Take the pictures- it’s worth it!

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