Missouri High School Rodeo 2023-2024 Season: Vernon County Fairgrounds- Nevada

We headed Southwest to Nevada; Nevada, Missouri, that is, October 27-29 for the Missouri High School Rodeo. The season continues and we have more “firsts” to document.

Garrett and Hank made their first run in calf roping.

Our weekend was spent at the Vernon County Fairgrounds where we had an electric hookup for our trailer and stalls for our horses. The weather was cool and dreary from the start, but we could tell that under better conditions, it would be a beautiful place to camp and have a rodeo.

Saturday Results:

On Saturday, as mentioned, Garrett competed in the tie down calf roping. It was great to see both boys compete in the event and also to witness Crayton helping Garrett prepare.

Unfortunately, he drew a pretty fast calf and his desperation loop at the end of the arena was unsuccessful. On a positive note, his horse, Hank, did great in the box and with the barrier.

Crayton had a rough day, failing to get his calf tied in the 30 second time limit and not getting to throw a heel loop in team roping.

Team roping was better for Garrett, as he and Josey had a clean run in 12.40 seconds, landing them in 3rd place for the day.

Sunday Results:

The weather was the bigger winner of the day- or LOSER.

The arena conditions and the weather conditions were miserable. It was raining- from a light drizzle to a shower, all day, and the temperatures didn’t reach 40 degrees. Plus it was windy! Official dress was even waived in an effort to keep the competitors more comfortable.

Both boys caught in calf roping, but were unable to get the calves tied before the buzzer.

Team roping was also a challenge. Chloe was able to catch for Crayton, but he could barely find the calf’s hind feet, let alone, heel them. (Pic 1) Josey wasn’t able to get a head loop on the steer as they all ran straight for the “lake” in the arena. (Pic 2)

The weekend was a memorable one, but I don’t want a repeat! The weather map and hourly stats pretty much sum it up. The “cardboard rugs” throughout our trailer, were just one attempt at tolerating the conditions.

Thank you!

Despite all the complaining, (mostly mine, the boys were still loving it) and falling short in the arena a couple times, we are all still thankful for this opportunity. The sponsors this season have been amazing!

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