A Book Perfect For All Ages: The Stock Horse and the Stable Cat

A book review by an owner of an actual stock horse and a stable cat.

The Stock Horse and The Stable Cat, by Phil Van Treuren, Stoic Simple Press, Fables of Eudaimonia

How could I resist reading a book with a title like that?! Our horses and cats co-exist in our barn. They can often be seen sharing a stall. Similar to the storyline of the book, The Stock Horse and The Stable Cat, I’m sure the real life cats and horses have different thoughts and feelings about what is good and what is bad; everything from what they eat, to where they sleep and even if they like being caught.

Here’s a photograph of our horse, Shady, and a group of cats.

The book uses the main characters, the horse and cat, to reference many things. Things we’re subjected to all of the time, but don’t have control over: weather, places and surroundings, foods, activities, company, circumstances, etc. We, just like the animals in the book, all have difference preferences.

Comparing something as simple as night and day, our opinions and the way we think about each of them, can be as different “as night and day”.

The lesson in The Stock Horse and the Stable Cat is that the thing isn’t necessarily good or bad; we are all free to choose how we feel about them.

This book is great for readers of all ages. It has beautiful illustrations that cute for young eyes, but sophisticated enough to not distract the mature readers.

The simple message in The Stock Horse and the Stable Cat is easy for everyone to comprehend, one that we may not all apply it to our daily lives as much as we should.

This story is a great reminder for us all, as we live in a world that feels more judgmental and opinionated every day. Hopefully books like this will touch our hearts and minds and result in a more cohesive environment where we can all feel free to have our own opinions. Things aren’t always black or white or good or bad.

Plus who doesn’t love a horse and cat story? Fine, we can all have our own opinions on that 🙂 and we can still remain friends.

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