Driving Trucks and Driving Horses

Training is a constant around our ranch. Seems like we’re always teaching our kids or training our horses.

Driving has gotten a lot of attention lately and been a main focus.

A group of horses turned 2 this year and our oldest son turned 16!

Driving a Horse

Driving is an important step in the horse training process.

Trainers are safer beginning the colt-starting process on the ground than in the saddle.

It provides an opportunity to expose the horse to things without being in the middle of their back.

The horse will learn the basic maneuvers (go on, stop, etc.) and begin to respond to the bit pressure.

Like anything, driving a horse is a skill that needs practice to master.

Garrett is just getting started. He knows the basics, but the technique isn’t simple and easy. Untrained horses are unpredictable and difficult at times. Driving reins are long and can become awkward. Experience will improve his skills.

The horse will also greatly improve after becoming familiar with the training process.

Driving a Truck

Crayton has turned 16 and passed his driving test. Not that he’s a novice driver, but now he is legal to drive alone… on the highway. And it’s not just the tractor or side by side, but a truck!

Like anything, driving a truck is a skill that needs practice to master.

Crayton has been driving around the ranch for many years, but he still is not an expert driver. He does a great job, but road conditions and fellow drivers can be hazards. Mastery will only come with practice and time behind the wheel.

Driving home our point

Teach them how to go. How to guide. How to stop.

Teach them the basics so you can avoid wrecks later.

Casey has been doing this for many years- These training techniques apply to horses and kids 😀

Kids grow up and learn to drive… ours learn to drive trucks… and horses. (and some colts get trained in the process)

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