Find a Hobby- How About Taking a Class

No matter what your interests or established hobbies, there’s always more to learn and room to improve your skills. This being said, why not make taking a class your next hobby? Continue your education and increase your knowledge in an area you’re passionate about. Jump right into a new field, learn a new skill or develop what you already have.

Look for in-person options in your area

Classes are being offered at a wide variety of venues, not just college campuses. Check with local libraries, county extension offices, etc. Read local listings online and in newspapers.

Many local schools and organizations offer classes, both in person and online. Take advantage of these low cost, convenient opportunities while supporting local businesses and community groups.

Personal Experience

Along with my mom and sister, I have enrolled in a horticulture class. It is being offered by a community member and held at the local high school. A hands-on, in-person class, is perfect for learning in the classroom and applying our knowledge in the greenhouse.

Access to a greenhouse is included in the fee and would not be possible through an online workshop. Short of building our own greenhouse, education and experience would be limited through virtual learning. We actually needed to “get our hands dirty” in this instance.

We plan to come away with knowledge, experience, new friends and lots of plants to put into our own gardens.

The Online Possibilities are Endless

Another option is to take an online course with instructors from around the world.

The wide variety and accessibility to online courses, workshops and tutorials is mind boggling. You can learn almost anything you can imagine.

These classes are perfect for learning at your own pace from the comforts of your own home. You have the ability to learn from world-class leaders in the industry or choose someone you really connect with; it’s your personal preference.

Personal Experience

I wouldn’t be typing here today, making my ideas and experiences public, had it not been for online instruction.

Setting up a website can feel overwhelming. I found a Word Press tutorialWP Fast Launch, that walked me through the set up. It also taught me the basics for creating and updating pages, posts and other content.

For tips on actual blogging and getting started I referred to content found in a free course Start a Blogging Business 5 day Course. It contained the basic information and quickly went over the main points of blog creation. Blogging Blastoff is a much more in-depth instructional course. I’d recommend it once you know you’re serious about creating a blog. It is not free, but provides 30 days of training, instruction and course work.

Here’s how I started my own blog and website, and how you can too.

Is there a skill you need or a talent you’d like to pursue?

Is there a subject or program you’d like to learn more about or become an expert? Tutorials are readily available and experts are only a click away.

Personal Experience

I created the “How About Blogging” graphics in a design program called Canva. Graphics can easily be created in any editing program but I recommend Canva. It is free! and it is user-friendly. You can keep it simple or upgrade to the Pro version for more advanced editing capabilities.

I was unfamiliar with the program, but learned the basics quickly through online tutorials. I am still fine tuning my skills and continuing to learn new techniques and options through email updates and company tutorials offered through their website.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or learn? The options are endless. Don’t let anything hold you back. Knowledge is power, plus learning something new can be lots of fun. Take advantage and make “Taking a Class” your next hobby.

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