Find a Hobby- How about Playing Basketball?

In your quest to find a hobby you might try looking in the sports arena. You don’t need to be a star athlete to enjoy a sport. There are many sports to choose from, but one of our favorites around here is basketball.

Here are a few quick reasons for choosing basketball as your next hobby:
  • Great source of exercise
  • Provides stress relief
  • Just plain fun- it’s a game after all
  • Played in a group/team setting
  • Or play and practice as an individual
  • You can be a winner- win a basketball game or enter a contest

Depending on your age and location, find a contest to compete in. It will give you a goal to work toward and allow you to show your skill level.

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As Crayton’s JV/Varsity High School season comes to an end and Garrett’s also nears the finish, I’m not saddened. I am reassured that basketball doesn’t end around here with the school schedule or the tournament season. The basketballs may collect a little dust for a bit as other activities come into the forefront, but it is a hobby or pastime that can continue throughout the year and for life.

Great for any age

Indoors or outdoors, January or July, there’s always an outlet for a basketball player whether they’re 7 or 70 years old.

These are pictures of my dad playing basketball at almost 70 years old. He gets a workout and spends time with the family. Bonding over basketball is an added bonus.

You don’t need 5 guys just to go out and dribble or shoot around. It’s difficult to play or practice football by yourself, but basketball is special.

Here we are on vacation, relaxing but staying active. Shooting baskets is a great way to enjoy the tropical weather and stretch your muscles.

Many resorts have basketball goals. If traveling domestically, search out an area park or school playground.

Whether in your own backyard, a school gym, on a fancy resort, or at the park around the corner- A basketball hoop will not be far.

Basketball is a great sport, but don’t overlook it as a wonderful hobby too.

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