Horse Futurity: What is it and what are the advantages?

You may have heard of a futurity and some of you may have even competed in one or had entries from your ranch. But for those of you who hear the word but don’t really understand what it is or what it means- here is some clarification.

Futurity in horses by definition is to maintain eligibility. A futurity for horses is a competition, usually limited to younger horses, which offers significant prize money to winners, generated in part from fees paid to nominate, maintain eligibility, and enter the final competition. In most cases, a horse will only compete against other horses of the same age.

Watch Casey & “Yuma” compete in the 2020 F&R Futurity in this video.
Watch Crayton & “Hondo” compete in the 2020 F&R Futurity in this video.

Here is an example of the events and the payout for the 13th Annual F&R Futurity, provided by Farmers and Ranchers Livestock. Qualifying horses must have sold through their auction and then will compete as three year olds.

Lope small slow circle to left and then larger faster one stop in center and do at  least one full spin to left.   Lope small slower circle to right then larger faster stop in center and do at least one spin to the right. Lope to North end and round corner to west to lope to south end stop and roll back to left, lope to north end stop and roll back to right lope to center stop and back up.

Cow work 
This will go back to the old pattern. Box a cow at end of arena, turn down fence both directions, circle cow both directions 

Trail (Will Be a Timed Event) Possible obstacles Open and close gates, cross water, drag log, pick up and transport rain slicker, load and unload in trailer, back thru obstacles, cross logs or tree or bridge possible other tasks closer to date.                                          

Winners will be determined by total number of points, point will go to top 10 in each event 20 for 1st, 18 for 2nd, 16 for 3rd etc. Trail course will be run last with lowest point total going first and high point going last. Events will be paid off per event with the big money being added to the overall point winners.

Taking part in this type of event not only provides an opportunity to win prize money, but also promote your horse. The futurity events are meant to showcase many desirable traits and talents. By performing well in the competition, riders and horses demonstrate their abilities. This may result in a higher selling price.

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