Find A Hobby- How About Starting a Blog?

As the new year begins and new goals are set, improving your business and/or the idea of personal growth typically land close to the top of the list. Creating a blog (or a complete website) can be a step in accomplishing these goals.

What even is a blog? Or how do you blog?

Technically, a blog is defined in the dictionary as:
noun: a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
verb: add new material to or regularly update a blog.”it’s about a week since I last blogged”

A blog can serve as anything from an outlet for creative writing, to a business promotion tool. It can be as in-depth and complex to as simple as you’d like. There are very few rules. Treat it as a hobby and devote as much time and effort as you wish.

What are the advantages to blogging?

Share your experiences. This can be informative to your audience, but also therapeutic for you as a writer. Get your thoughts out there. Who knows who it will reach and how it might help someone. Even for entertainment purposes only, is still a great reason.

Already have a small business or passion? Blog about it. Promote and expand on something you love and you won’t likely run out of blogging topics. Something as simple as photography can be shared with the addition of captions and excerpts.

How and where do you get started?

Setting up a website can feel overwhelming. I found a Word Press tutorialWP Fast Launch, that walked me through the set up. It also taught me the basics for creating and updating page, posts and other content.

For tips on actual blogging and getting started I referred to content found in a free course Start a Blogging Business 5 day Course. It contained the basic information and quickly went over the main points of blog creation. Blogging Blastoff is a much more in-depth instructional course. I’d recommend it once you know you’re serious about created a blog. It is not free, but provides 30 days of training, instruction and course work.

Graphics can easily be created in any editing program but I recommend Canva. It is free! and it is user-friendly.

How does the blog continue to grow and improve?

The internet is full of advice and further course instruction. Podcasts are also a great way to learn more. Do You Even Blog is an interesting and informative podcast and social media tool that I refer to frequently.

Stay in touch with your audience. You can easily create an email list with Constant Contact. It is a great tool for email and organizing other social media platforms.

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