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If you’re in an airplane, relaxing on the beach, or hanging out in the comfort of your living room- these books can provide entertainment and knowledge. Grab your own copy today.

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The Trail to Ogallala by Benjamin Capps

At 279 pages, I wouldn’t call The Trail to Ogallala a quick read, as it is more of a documentary than a book purely for entertainment. It was a good book to read while traveling, being able to devote my time and attention without worrying about anything else.

This book is the story of a ranch’s cattle drive. After the ranch owner dies, his widow must decide who will manage her cattle and lead the drive. Unaware of existing agreements her husband had made, she hires a second trail boss. The two chosen men must find a way to lead and follow. Along the trail the storyline depicts the challenges encountered, including deaths, and new cowboys stepping up in the ranks. Will true leadership be won? Will they reach their goal? Follow the group as they fight for position as they make their way to Ogallala with the herd.

Kiowa Trail by Louis L’amour

Kiowa Trail is a quick, relaxing read with only 148 pages. It has all of the popular characteristics of a good western: cattle, cowboys, attraction, temptation, fighting and killing.

This is a story about driving cattle up the Kiowa Trail. When the cowboys and cattle arrive at the trail head it is time for celebration. Tempted by a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Tom wouldn’t take no for an answer. Cowhands were forbidden from crossing the tracks and this eventually lead to Tom’s murder. As a result, a war breaks out in the town. Will there be anything left of the cowboys or the town?

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