A DIY Accent Wall Can Make A Huge Impact For A Small Price Tag

This Ranch House- Living Room Accent Wall.

Often a living space needs something extra. For a small investment and a little effort, you can change the look of an entire room with a “big roll of stickers”.

Here’s how I turned our plain, tan wall into a piece of artwork in an afternoon. And I did it for less than $50.

You’ve heard the term accent wall. What does it really mean and can you add one in your home?

An accent wall can be defined as an interior or exterior wall featuring a different color, shade, design or material from the other walls around it. An accent wall will stand out while looking like it belongs- all at the same time. For more Accent Wall ideas, the do and don’ts, check out thespruce.com.

The Before

After removing a section of drywall separating the living room from the kitchen during our latest renovation to “this ranch house”, we were left with a partial wall. The remaining structure looked plain and out of place.

The Solution: Wall Paper

The application of self-sticking wall paper turned the plain wall into a large piece or art.

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The Process
  • Removed any existing decor
  • Removed trim pieces
  • Wiped down the wall
  • Recruited an assistant (my tall sister, Jill, was great for this)
  • Measured height
  • Cut roll of wall paper to fit
  • Started at the top right and began adhering the paper
  • Smoothed out any ripples and bubbles
  • Continued to bottom left, matching the pattern
  • Added accent items
The Options

Choose a pattern, color and even texture that you love. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re unsure of what will look best, purchase a couple of your top choices and view the paper in the area it will be displayed. The lighting and the surrounding décor can make a difference. Seeing a larger sample can also provide better insight of the finished product.

I was very happy with my paper choice. Despite the dark blue background, the wall actually brightens the space. The additional colors in the paper design are great to pull from and incorporate throughout the room.

The Workload

You can do this to any size wall or area. Two people definitely makes the larger jobs easier. The abundance of materials- long sheets of paper and the removal of the backing, can be cumbersome for one person. You’ll be able to go solo on smaller projects.

The Leftovers

The left over paper can be used for additional accents around the house. I’ve used self-adhesive wall paper on my kitchen island, behind bookshelves, and I plan to make a tray or decorative piece for my living room table.

The Results

If you have a plain wall, just begging for attention, create an accent wall with simple and cheap wall paper. It is quick and easy and makes an impact. And all for the cost of a dinner out.

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