Find a Hobby- How About Paracord Braiding

Crafting, including braiding, weaving, and knot tying, have all become popular past times for those who like to use their hands. Creating a custom piece with paracord can be very rewarding. With accessibility to patterns and tutorials online, it has become even easier.

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Making bracelets is very popular but why not design something not just for looks, but also function?

This is exactly what Crayton Schwieter has done, and now his brother, Garrett, has joined in. After learning a couple patterns and tweaking the measurements and materials, he has created a template for roping tie downs. He has made many color combinations and is offering them for sale to area ropers.

The tie downs are not only useful for ropers tying a calf, but also can be used around the ranch. They work great for tying gates, hooking trailer doors, or anywhere a multi-purpose rope is needed.

Crayton’s talents have also expanded into making dog leashes.

Visit our page “Crayton’s Creations” for more details on Crayton’s latest projects and what he has for sale.

Creating art, jewelry, or a functional piece with paracord is a wonderful hobby for anyone. The materials are inexpensive and the skill needed is minimal.

With some instruction, patience and practice, you can be making your own paracord projects in no time.

And remember if you don’t choose this hobby, you can always buy the finished products from Crayton.

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