Find A Hobby- How about Painting?

Over the last few years, painting parties have become a popular trend. If you’re unfamiliar- they’re parties organized around creating a simple painting on canvas in a group setting, normally accompanied with alcohol. Yes, drinking has been found to lower your inhibitions- and that includes your fear or lack of artistic ability. I attended a party with a group of ladies at the local bar and the most ironic part is that it was a fundraiser for a teenage boy’s baseball team. It was a great time and this event demonstrated that painting pictures really isn’t that hard. Just do it and with step by step instruction from the party host, how can you really go wrong. Art is art; its not technical.

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The “LOVE” painting at the top was painted at my first party. Ready to start my painting at home…

Fast forward a couple years to quarantine 2020. My Facebook feed popped up with a link to Paint the Town Columbia with virtual parties online. FOR FREE! (They do accept donations) As I spent more time at home (without Netflix) I thought this would be a fun way to pass the time.

The site features so many great painting ideas to choose from. These painting tutorials can be watched live for more of a real-time party/group setting or replayed to work at your own pace.

The initial investment is minimal. I bought 8-10 bottles of paint and already had some paint brushes (but they can be purchased for only a few dollars). You can purchase canvases or paint on anything you might have around the house. We had water damage in our basement. The closet doors needed replaced but we hadn’t thrown them out yet: insta-painting surfaces! I’ve used real canvases and also the back of vinyl flooring scraps. The possibilities are endless.

As I switched my décor from spring/summer to fall, I realized the bird house painting from April needed put away for awhile. What would I replace it with? Just create a new one! I was able to customize the color pallet and use up some stored creativity while spending a quiet evening at home.

Share your paintings in the comments below. I’d love to see what everyone is doing. None to share? Get started- it’s cheap and easy and you definitely don’t need to be an artist to create a painting like these I’ve shared.

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