El Dorado Resorts of Riviera Maya, Mexico

So far, as of 2021, we have visited the adults only El Dorado Spa Resorts by Karisma for three vacations. It is one of our favorite resort chains in Mexico.

Our vacations:

El Dorado Seaside Palms April 2021

El Dorado Maroma April 2019

El Dorado Seaside Suites October 2016

Overall we like the resort sizes. They are not too large and not too small- just right. They have lots of activities, but its not overwhelming. There are plenty of rooms located in different sections, but it isn’t so spread out and confusing that you’d worry about getting lost.

We played beach volleyball and other games including ping pong and darts.

El Dorado Seaside Suites and Seaside Palms are adjoining resorts. When staying at Seaside Suites, we often spent time at the beach of the Palms.

A portion of the water is walled off to avoid further erosion. At first I thought it was an inconvenient barricade but I found out that I actually like the feature. It was a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the view; close to the water, a nice seat and no sand to deal with, keeping the water crystal clear.

One of my favorite activities at Seaside Palms was painting the coconut. You’re provided with the coconut and painting materials. When you’re finished you’re encouraged to place the piece of art within the resort. If you visit El Dorado Seaside Palms be sure to look near the ping pong table for our Schwieter Land & Livestock coconut!

The beach at El Dorado Maroma is nice too. It is very shallow and even has an island you can walk out or swim to. During our visit there was a lot of seaweed, but the resort workers put forth great effort to clean it up each day.

El Dorado Maroma offers the famous Palafitos- Overwater bungalows. We did not take advantage of this luxury, more like we didn’t let them take advantage of us- they were crazy expensive! We did tour them. They were neat, but not worth the upgrade for us. If this is on your bucket list, then I say go for it. It may be expensive, but not as high as a trip to Fiji or elsewhere in the South Pacific.

El Dorado Maroma did upgrade our room to an ocean view on the top floor, complete with a private pool and outdoor shower. The steps up to the third floor were definitely worth the effort.

El Dorado Seaside Suites is just that: all ocean view suites with a swim out. The rooms were great and the view was nice, but the location was a little far from the action- including the beach area and the restaurants.

The activities, restaurants, entertainment, etc is all the same as El Dorado Palms. I would not recommend paying more for the Seaside Suites section, just stick with the Palms and you’ll still have a very nice room and be closer to everything.

The El Dorado resorts have excellent food with a wide variety of restaurants. Dinner reservations were required for the evening meal, but were not difficult to get.

When choosing these resorts it was often for the price and value. They are very nice resorts, maybe not at the very top of the luxury list, but close. If you can find a good deal at the right time, you can hardly pass these up. You’ll receive great food and accommodations for a fraction of the cost for other luxury adults-only resorts.

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