Casey’s Library- A Cowboy’s Guide to Great Literature (Part 1)

In this month’s book review from Casey, we feature a variety of books set in the late 1800’s. These historical, true stories, will teach you and entertain you while you learn about a variety of parties involved in the creation of the American West: from the Commanche Indians, to the Cowpunchers on the cattle drives, to adventurers and outdoor’s men, like Kit Carson. You’ll become smarter after reading these books without even trying.

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National Bestseller, Blood and Thunder, The Epic Story of Kit Carson and the Conquest of the American West, by Hampton Sides

Blood and Thunder is the retelling of Kit Carson’s life- an illiterate, uneducated man, but one who had great outdoor’s man skills. The US heavily relied on him to conquer the West. The book demonstrates how an individual can become an important part of American history without him even wanting the recognition. Casey **** (4 star rating)

New York Times Best Seller, Empire of the Summer Moon, Quannah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History, by S.C Gwynne

Empire of the Summer Moon is a non-fiction book perfect for anyone who likes American Indian history. The book tells the story of Quannah and his white mother who was captured by the Commanche as a young girl. Quannah, (half Commanche) along with his brother and sister, grow up as Commanches, and he becomes a Commanche warrior. The book describes the way of life of the tough and dominant Commanche tribe. The story line is easy to follow and is fairly light reading. Casey ***** (5 star rating)

We Pointed Them North, the Recollection of a Cowpuncher, by E.C. “Teddy Bear” Abbott and Helena Huntington Smith

We Pointed Them North is a collection of some of the best told cattle stories from the 1800’s. It features struggles along the trail, not just the romanticized view we hear about today. The book provides detailed descriptions from the cattle trail and the life of a true cowpuncher. Casey ***** (5 star rating)

Buy one, or all, of these great-for-anyone books now by clicking on the following links. Blood and Thunder, Empire of the Summer Moon, We Pointed Them North

You’ll be not only be gaining knowledge but will also get the opportunity to relive the history of the American West while immersing yourself in these books.

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