Customize a Rolling Kitchen Island With Storage That Fits Nearly Any Kitchen Layout

This Ranch House- Rolling Kitchen Island.

Adding an island is a great addition to any kitchen. Don’t let limited space or budget hold you back. See how I added a small, rolling island to our kitchen for less than $100.

Kitchen Island Ideas

There are many kitchen island ideas out there. Some house the oven, a stove, a wine cooler, dishwasher, everything including the “kitchen sink”, but not many will work for a small area.

Custom Kitchen Island

I loved the set up and features of this point of sale cart, but let’s face it, it was plain. The neutral brown laminate wasn’t bad and it was in good condition, but it was ugly.

I used self-adhesive wall paper to add blocks of color and faux texture to the piece. I introduced new colors to the room while adding a bright focal point to the center of the kitchen.

By adding sections of paper, instead of attempting to cover the entire piece, I was able to do it more quickly and easily. Without corners, folds and creasing, the process of sticking the paper on the cart was simple. The flat surface and no raw edges being exposed will hopefully result in better wear and a longer life.

I also added white trim pieces to the bottom to give it a more furniture look instead of an industrial cart.

The addition of these embellishments also covered any small flaws in the original piece.


The entire project was completed in an afternoon. Careful cutting and placement of the paper was important; extra time and precision was well worth not having to re-do any portion. The trim pieces required measuring and cutting with a saw, so I had to call on my assistant/husband.

Kitchen Island Cart

Having the ability to move my island is wonderful, if not a necessity. Shifting the piece or removing it from the room all together with little effort is convenient, as well as time and space-saving. I roll the island around with easy on the 4 wheels that the initial sales cart already had but are now hidden behind the white trim.

Small Kitchen Storage

One of my top priorities was finding a place for my trash can. Under the sink would only work for small trash baskets because I have drain pipes and other water pipes running to the dishwasher that reduce the amount of vertical space I have available.

This point of sale cart was perfect for fixing this problem. It came already equipped with a cabinet door with a circular cut out.

Kitchen Island Decor

Islands are functional and also add a piece of architecture to the space, acting as another piece of furniture or a permanent focal structure.

Update an existing cart or create one from scratch, add some personal touches and you’ll have yourself a functional and beautiful kitchen island.

Try it yourself

Don’t pass up the opportunity to actually immerse yourself in the ranch and stay in the very same ranch house that is featured here. The Ranch Retreat is now available as a short term rental. (and yes, the rolling kitchen island remains in the kitchen area, providing extra space for our guests.)

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