A New Truck-A New Experience

In June 2016, Casey was lucky to be alive, and I was lucky to have another reason for a vacation.

The Old Truck

Hard to call it the old truck; we’d only had it a couple months. It was the color we wanted, and we’d already gone through the headache of finding it, dealing on it and actually taking possession.

But as this story unfolds, you can see that the truck had a short lifespan.

The Call

It was a Friday morning. I had the day off from work and the boys were on summer break. Casey had just left for the office when I got a call from him. I thought he just missed me already.

It was hard to tell what had happened from his phone call comments:

“I guess you’ll have to come get me.” “I just got hit at the corner” “I can’t drive the truck home”

I responded with “Are you ok?” (“Yes”) “I’ll be right there to get you”

From this dialog, I had no idea what was waiting for me 1.5 miles down our gravel road.

Casey had been t-boned at the crossroads, causing his truck to roll and land on the top. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the truck was totaled.

The New Truck

After truck hunting, Casey found a comparable truck, same color with better options…only it was in Oklahoma City, 530 miles away.

The Plan of Attack

What were we to do? We needed a truck and we had insurance money to spend. We didn’t want to drive that far and have to drive two vehicles back home.

The only logical answer: call a friend and have him fly us (in his tiny plane) to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The Vacation

We departed early in the morning and after a quick stop to pick up a co-pilot, we flew in this 4-seater plane into the Oklahoma City airport. The dealership sales person met us there and drove us to the truck lot. Our friend flew back home and we started the paperwork on the new truck.

We spent the night in the city, as we were getting cab lights installed the following morning. We went to fun restaurants, did some shopping and sight seeing and even went bowling.

We drove our new truck home, the seven and a half hours- our heads well rested and full of new memories from a quick, but fun-filled vacation.

The Happy Ending

We still have the “Old-New Truck” 5 years later.

I’m sure the truck will be gone in a few years, but the memories of our trip in the tiny plane with two old pilots, and 24 hours spent in Oklahoma City will last forever.

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