Casey’s Library- A Cowboy’s Guide to Great Literature (More Louis L’Amour)

If you like to read westerns then you’ve probably read, or have at least heard of, Louis L’Amour. This author has written over 100 novels and has sold hundreds-of-millions of copies. You can find them on Amazon or other used book websites and even at garage sales or on swap shops. Louis L’Amour books are a cheap form of entertainment from an author known as “America’s Favorite Storyteller”. This month we’re featuring two paperback books from our home collection.

Silver Canyon by Louis L’Amour

The novel, Silver Canyon, is the story of a young, confident, drifter who stops off in a South Central Utah Territory town, and finds himself making a bad impression right off the bat. He quickly falls in love with a girl from the town. The drama continues when he gets caught in the middle of a ranch war. Surrounded by murders at the feuding ranches, the story includes the basics: a love story, feuding ranches, and deaths. Despite the distractions and complications, Matt Brennan, still has a dream of securing his own ranch. Will he get the ranch or the woman, or both?

Kilkenny by Louis L’amour

A drifter, Kilkenny, rides into town and decides he wants to settle down. After discovering an older man who needs his help to run his ranch they form a partnership. Kilkenny finds out about a threat of Tetlow, an up and coming cattle baron, who is trying to buy all of the ranches and won’t take no for an answer. He wants to build a cattle empire at all costs. Kilkenny, fights him off throughout the story. Fighting, attraction and out-witting are all part of the story. Will he protect the ranch or will he lose it to Tetlow?

Louis L’Amour books are easy to read. They are entertaining and short. Many of the same themes are found throughout all of his books, but if you love ranching, drama and a touch of love story, you’ll really enjoy his books.

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