Missouri High School Rodeo 2023-2024 Season: Sullivan County Fairgrounds- Milan

On Friday, September 15, we headed West and North to Milan, MO. It was another fun-filled weekend with beautiful weather.

The Saturday performance left a lot to be desired for the boys. A fast calf and a loop that was “so close” but slipped off resulted in a no time for Crayton in calf roping.

The bad luck continued into team roping, with Crayton not getting an opportunity to heel the calf after Chloe barely missed. Garrett’s partner, Josey, was able to head their calf, but he came up short on the heel side.

The Sunday performance ended the same for Garrett and his horse, Hank. Josey had another nice catch, but even though the crowd was sure Garrett had caught both heels (like the second picture suggests) the rope was off and they ended with a no-time.

Garrett still managed to have a productive weekend, keeping the trailer in working order and even showing off some rope tricks for his “fan club”.

Crayton was able to complete his run in calf roping, despite only catching the calf by a front leg. He made it look easy, with some help from his horse, Parker, and he finished in 7th place with a time of 15.67.

Crayton and Chloe earned some points in team roping. They had a pretty fast run, but after breaking the barrier and only catching one leg, 15 seconds in penalties were added. The total time was 24.39 seconds; good enough for 7th place and 4 points.

Sunday performance results:

Current event standings in calf roping

Extra Activities

We kicked off the weekend with a 4-head progressive jackpot roping on Friday evening. It was held there at the fairgrounds. There was a nice turn out with about 100 teams entered in the first round.

After setting up camp, we spent the rest of the night at the roping arena where Crayton entered with 6 partners and Garrett 3. Both boys made it to the 2nd round, but only Crayton advanced further, heading into the short go in 19th, 10th, 9th and 4th places. He ended the night with a check for his 3rd place finish with Landon Henderson.

Captured Memories

I wasn’t able to get the team roping teams to pose together for pictures; they’re just too busy and focused. I was able to snap these photos of each of the boys with their roping partners, Chloe White and Josey Schaller, as they waited their turns to enter the roping boxes. We are all blessed to be teamed up with such wonderful families, with not just talented ropers, but good humans.

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