Casey’s Library- A Cowboy’s Guide to Great Literature (Part 4)

With two horses entered into a fall 2020 futurity and auction, Hondo & Yuma (the horses) took priority at our ranch for much of the summer. After training and riding the horses, showing and then selling them, the next step only seemed logical to read the books with the same titles. Here are the reviews for “Leaving Yuma” and “Hondo“.

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Leaving Yuma A Western Story from the American Legends Collection By Michael Zimmer

Leaving Yuma is historical western fiction at its finest. It is an easy read that will keep you wanting more. It has a good plot and enough drama to keep you hooked.

This story features a Yuma prisoner, on the verge of his own death, that’s chosen for a special mission. Because of his tracking ability and his knowledge of the land, he’s offered a pardon in exchange for leading authorities through the desert into Mexico to find a family taken by the Mexicans. The journey also leads them through Indian territory and harsh conditions. This story with twists and turns, surrounded by historical facts from the time period is sure to keep you reading.

Hondo By Louis L’amour

This novel, one of Louis L’amour’s Lost Treasures, is an awesome book. It draws you into the story by incorporating a love interest into the main plot, all while describing the struggle to stay alive in Apache Country.

This book was also made into a movie staring John Wayne. If you haven’t seen the movie- watch it. If you’ve seen it, but haven’t read the book, I still recommend it.

The horses may have left the ranch, but we’ll always have memories, and now the paperback books with the same names in our library.

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