Casey’s Library- A Cowboy’s Guide to Great Literature (Part 2)

Cattle Kingdom The Hidden History of the Cowboy West by Christopher Knowlton

Cattle Kingdom illustrates the huge influence of European foreign capital in the early cattle industry. In the late 1800’s, during the cattle boom, with a stronghold in the west, everyone wanted to take advantage of the cattle industry.

In addition to the cattle industry storyline, Cattle Kingdom also features a side story of Teddy Roosevelt. It depicts how the West formed him and influenced him throughout his life.

This book is interesting and educational. It’s a little slower moving, but is a great example of how money influences any business and skews the outcome. When some thing looks good, everyone wants to jump in, but often times its too late.

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The Killers of the Flower Moon The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann

This #1 New York Times Bestseller and National Book Award Finalist, is about the unsolved mystery murders of the Osage Indians during the 1920’s. The book also describes the formation of the FBI as the government assembles a team as an attempt to solve these murders in particular.

This true story is very interesting and eye-opening. It touches on a part of history we’ve never learned about. The Osage Indians in Oklahoma were put on the poorest ground only to find it to be oil rich. Osage Indians became the richest people per capita at the time, not because of gold, but because of oil. Despite their wealth, they still couldn’t fully prosper and this book demonstrates the reasons why.

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