Missouri High School Rodeo 2023-2024 Season: Howard County Fairgrounds- Fayette

The theme continues: Not our first rodeo…HOWEVER, we did have some FIRSTS.

Spoiler Alert: A First Place in Calf Roping and winning a check in Team Roping-firsts for members of “Team Schwieter”

On Friday, October 6, we set up camp at the Howard County Fairgrounds in Fayette. We had an RV hookup and also stalls in the nearby barn. We had a little walk to the arena on the other hill, but we enjoyed being close to the stalled horses and the 4-H building, where they held the complimentary lunch, the rodeo dance, and also church service.



Calf roping was tough, with calves that ran, struggled and kicked. Crayton started out hot with a quick catch and flank, but used up some clock securing the tie string. A 10th place finish wasn’t what he hoped for, but accepted the addition of 1 point in the standings.

Team roping didn’t go well for Chloe and Crayton. The steer stopped a short distance out the chute and turned back. The team regrouped and Chloe ended up heading the steer but Crayton missed on his desperation heel shot as the time was running out.

The bad luck in team roping almost turned around with Josey and Garrett’s run. Documenting misses is looked down on, but I had to share this “almost”…

Josey’s attempt to fish on the head loop was amazing but wasn’t meant to be. The second photo wasn’t edited. The steer was that close to the fence- now I wish I would have reached through and slipped the rope on, ;).


Things turned around at the Sunday performance. Despite the windy, dusty conditions, Crayton flew through his run and finished in FIRST place!

It was so dusty that it not only blew off his hat, but you can’t even find the calf in some of the photos.

Our good friend, Delaina, got these great shots from closer and a different angle.

Younger brother, Garrett, also earned a check on Sunday. He and his partner, Josey, had a clean, fast run, landing them in 3rd place.

These boys were thrilled with the catch and even smiled.


The photos capture just a glimpse of the fun we had in and out of the arena over the weekend.

The time Crayton had to wipe his eyes before mounting his calf horse… his dad may have been freaking out, wanting him to hurry back onto his horse… but if you can’t open your eyes to even see your horse, wiping them becomes the priority. 🙂

Garrett and Josey free grazing their horses… mentioned that this is the greenest grass they’ve had all year.

Talking it over with Dad

Roping the dummy and packing around a little friend. They boys love Wyatt, and I think the feeling is mutual.

Current Standings


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