Holiday Gift Guide- Thoughtful Ideas for the Queen of the Ranch

Let’s face it, women aren’t that hard to shop for; they’re always wanting something new. The problem is often the effort needed and the fear of messing up. Here are a few fool-proof ideas for any woman on your list. These not only work for Christmas, but Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Custom Jewelry

What woman doesn’t like jewelry? From glitz to western, know your lady’s style. Pick out something special with some meaning to it. Custom pieces maybe the answer. An engraved name or brand or even birthstone can be just the touch that puts the gift of jewelry over the edge. You won’t have to search through the jewelry box in fear of her already having something like it if you have a one-of-a-kind pieces custom made.

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Whether she’s sore from ranch work or tense from the office, relieve the strain with a massage. Schedule a spa day for her. If she has a busy schedule and you’re worried about interfering, a gift certificate can be an option too. A day of pampering is something woman often won’t do for themselves, but she’ll greatly appreciate it as a gift.

If Covid has put a damper on you massage/spa option- get creative. A day of pampering at home can be just as relaxing. Put together a package of bubble bath, candles, a plush robe- whatever she’ll enjoy. It doesn’t need to be super romantic- just a break from the stresses of life.

Still seem to complicated for you? How about offering to watch the kids and provide her with some peace and quiet and let her do the rest.


Much like the spa day option- splurge on something she wouldn’t normally spend money on. She may work like a man, but I bet she still enjoys looking and feeling like a woman.

Depending on the Covid-19 situation in your area, or simply your proximity to a nail salon, at home kits may be the answer. She’ll have to put in a little more effort but she’ll still end up with beautiful results, and you’ll be the one to thank. She’ll be grateful for the new polish color, sticker decals, or the new tools to make the whole process easier.

Customized “Merch”

Get something with your brand or logo printed on it but customize it for a woman’s liking. Instead of a plain ball cap, select one that’s customized for a woman- and her pony tail.

Other ideas include purses or bags with a name or brand. You won’t have to worry about anyone else having one like it- it will be a one-of-a-kind piece.

Weekend Travel

Elaborate travel may be out of your budget or can be difficult with time restraints, not to mention the pandemic. Weekend travel is do-able and is a viable option.

You can even pull off a surprise for a quick night away or even weekend. If you attempt something longer, the inconveniences of rescheduling and trying to keep the secret is nearly impossible.

You can also have the ideas ready, give the gift, and finish the planning together. The thought is still there, and you’re going to pay the bill, but it will reduce the room for error. Let her help pick the date and assist with finalizing the plans. You can read about Casey’s anniversary gift for me – a weekend away-HERE.

Car Wash Tokens

Some men just can’t stray away from practical, and that’s fine. Thoughtful and practical can mesh. Country roads usually lead to dirty vehicles. Treat her to the life of city luxury by providing means to provide herself with a sparkling vehicle. (Even if it is short-lived). You could wash it for her, but if you need something to wrap, car wash tokens or a cash wash gift card are a great option. Another idea to wrap is the kit sold at the link below. She can open the box and you can do the labor.

Gift ideas for the ladies are endless, but they do take some extra thought and effort. Personalization and thoughtfulness go along way. It shows that you not only care, but that you pay attention.

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