Mending Fences

Mending fences at the ranch is not a popular task. It is a part of life that cannot be ignored without severe consequences.

It doesn’t always come at a convenient time, and it’s not on the list of “fun ranch activities”, but fixing what is broken, correctly and timely, will result in strong bonds that will keep a ranch running smoothly.

Mending Fences Literally

Broken fences are caused by many things. Acts of God like lightning, wind and rain can result in downed trees and washed out water crossings- reeking havoc on fences.

Wild, unruly, or simply frightened livestock can run through or push against wires, breaking the barrier. Deer can also be to blame. Their actions, whether crazy or just careless result in frustration and work needed for repairs.

Animals will be animals, and we can’t control the weather.

Diagnosing a problem is rewarding but the joy is short lived; now on to the fixing.

Working quickly and efficiently is key when it comes to fixing fence. It is not a task that can be put off until the weather warms or the mud dries. It needs addressed.

It is important to salvage what is left before the remaining herd gets out.

You’ll also want to avoid injury by mending in a timely fashion. Broken wires and downed strands can cause wire cuts. It can also create an increased risk for stock getting caught in loose wires.

Dealing with a mass of broken wires, knocked down posts and lost insulators is all frustrating, but its worth the effort to fix it correctly.

You may find yourself tempted to throw in the towel. Sell all of your livestock. Move to town. Be alone with no responsibilities. But that’s a lonely, unfulfilling life.

We all dream of a blissful, carefree life, but is that what we really want? A condo with adequate room, a postage stamp lawn that you don’t have to mow and a maintenance man on staff to fix everything. It has it’s enticing moments, but it is a drastic change from ranch life- nurturing God’s land, raising livestock, room to roam and explore, space for quiet thought and reflection.

Mending Fences Figuratively

Now reread all of that and apply it to a relationship.

Relationships aren’t always easy. They can have their challenges and the fences need mended. Performing the task correctly and in a timely fashion is critical.

Problems arise for a variety of reasons- some we control and others we can’t.

The mess of broken pieces can appear daunting, but get started and tangles and lost pieces can be fixed and replaced.

Don’t just patch the fence- so its good enough. The repaired “fence” can be even stronger than the one that stood in its place prior.

Leave fence weak and you’ll have a relationship where you’re unable to express your true feelings, thoughts or dreams. You may find you each go your own separate ways to avoid conflict. Don’t mend them at all and the pull to live a solo life with no one to answer to will become even stronger.

The temptation to leave the fences as they are

We all have our moments where the single life, living in a condo with no responsibilities seems very attractive. But then we look out the window at the wide open spaces, dotted with horses and cattle and see the family we love amongst it (probably fixing fence, lol) and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Keep on mending fences and live your best life.
It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

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