Going to Mexico- Living Life Based on Lonesome Dove Quotes

Quotes from the classic Lonesome Dove run rampant at our place. Gus and Woodrow always have something fitting to “say” around a ranch and in life in general- from “Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it” and the classic “It ain’t dying I’m talking about; it’s living”. -All great words to live by.

Not familiar with the story? Check out the movie and book, along with others in the series HERE.

Everyone has a favorite quote, and many lists of the best have been created in magazines and all over social media. Like this one from Cowgirl Magazine. I have a favorite too. Despite the numerous times I have been referred to as “Lorie Darlin'” (I hope that’s a good thing), she isn’t associated with my pick. I’ve managed to find one associated with a job, sleeping and vacation. I’m telling you, this movie has something for everyone!




Lonesome Dove

I am planning to live out this quote to its fullest. In the fall of 2020 I quit my full time office job and spent the next couple months catching up around the ranch, and then one day in January 2021 I was able to proclaim “tonight we’re headed to MEXICO”- on a much needed vacation. The beaches of the Riviera Maya were much different than the dusty, horse-wrangling area across the border, south of Lonesome Dove, TX, but Mexico, none the less.

Fast forward to January 2022. The classic story of Lonesome Dove remains and the quote still reads true. I have a new job, although only part time and remote, but I’ll be leaving that behind for the long weekend as we head off to St. Louis tonight to get to Mexico first thing in the morning.

The job isn’t the only change. We’re taking the whole crew this time. Yep, just like Newt, in Lonesome Dove, even the young ones get to go on this adventure. Casey and I are taking the boys along.

Their quote is altered a bit. “…Quit School…..We’re going to Mexico”. Ironically, school quit on them first. Classes and extracurricular activities were all canceled for the second half of this week due to sickness.

We’ve watched the movie and read the book, and its amazing how a story like this and the lessons learned can be applied to present-day-life. Go spend some time watching or reading and find the topics and quotes that resonate best with you. I’d love to hear your picks.

For now I’ve got to follow the words of Lonesome Dove and “Catch a Little Rest”; I’m Mexico bound, after all. The livestock is situated and cared for, the bags are packed and masks are close at-hand; we’re ready for our warm weather adventure. It might not be as action-packed as the trip to Mexico in Lonesome Dove, but we plan to come back alive and well, with smiles on our faces, just like in the movies.

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