10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Marrying a Cowboy

I always dreamed of marrying a cowboy. Well, here I am- Living the dream. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but there are a few things I’ve learned during my years of marital bliss.

No “deal breakers” here, but I thought I’d provide a little insight to any youngsters out there dreaming of a future with their very own cowboy.

1. Selective Observer.

He’ll notice a sick calf from a mile away, but won’t compliment you on your new hair cut until you point it out.

2. Loads of Laundry.

He’ll produce lots of laundry. Clothes are always getting dirty. But you’ll appreciate him being clean.

3. Stoic Attitude.

It takes a lot to excite him. Calm is a very fine attribute and is much needed in the ranching environment. Nerves of steel are almost essential but can be frustrating to a wife attempting to communicate.

4. This Ranch House.

Your house won’t be a priority for him. He’ll barely be in it and when he is most likely his eyes will be shut. He’ll come in to eat and sleep.
4.b Lawn Reduction. Your yard will gradually get smaller and more will turn into pasture. Fences will creep closer and closer to the house and buildings will be constructed over the green areas. “Why would we want to mow all that?”

5. Special Days- Not So Special.

Birthdays and anniversaries and other holidays will be observed when convenient. He’s not insensitive, but he has his own priorities. Plans will always be subject to change based on weather and livestock. Your cute outfit with matching shoes won’t work as an excuse to stay in the truck if you see your cattle out on along the road as you’re driving by.

6. Entertainment Classics.

You’ll become an expert in western literature and cinema. I had never watched Lonesome Dove; now I’m quoting it in my blog and implementing the lessons learned! John Wayne? I wasn’t really a fan, but after watching tens of hundreds of movies staring the “Duke” with my husband and sons, I view the cardboard cutout in the basement just a little differently.

7. Cowboy Balance Sheet.

He won’t be satisfied sitting behind a desk all day. His success won’t be measured by a paycheck or how much is in his 401k. For a cowboy, numbers that matter will be acreage and livestock head counts.

8. An Athlete in a Cowboy Uniform.

Your cowboy will be more fit than you. He’ll be able to beat you on the basketball court wearing boots and spurs!

9. Eating on the Run.

It will take you much longer to cook a meal than it will for him to eat it. He’ll scarf it down, maybe even compliment your efforts, but then he’ll be on to the next thing: not wanting to miss the last bit of daylight, or hitting the shower. Time’s a wasting. And now he’ll be out of your way while you clean off the table.

10. Not like the Movies.

Your life will not be as glamorous, sweet or exciting as a western romance novel. You’ll have your moments but they’ll be sandwiched between lots of hard work. Hopefully your cowboy won’t just ride away, but things like getting caught in a rain storm are actually awful in real life- not sexy as often portrayed on the big screen.

The listed thoughts may not all come as a surprise to you, but they are things that you should be aware of before you say “I Do”. You can’t really blame the cowboy- it’s just how they’re made.

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