MHSR Burfordville


March 18-19, 2023


4C Arena (Cape County Cowboy Church), 1040 County Rd 370, Burfordville, MO


Crayton carried a flag in the Grand Entry at both performances.

Saturday Results

He had a nice run but broke the barrier in calf roping, placing 12th on Saturday.

His team roping partner, Kooper, had a good head catch, but despite a nice loop, Crayton missed on the heel side.

Sunday Results

Crayton ran out of time on Sunday, after catching the steer around the neck… and both front legs.
His horse, Parker, worked great. Too great… not letting any slack in the rope, and not giving Crayton an opportunity to get a leg out to tie it.

In team roping, he and Kooper earned 4 points, placing 7th, on Sunday.


4C Arena also hosted a team roping on Friday night. They had almost 250 teams. Crayton and partners had some nice catches and made it to the second round, but didn’t have fast enough times to qualify for the short go.


The Burfordville Rodeo was near Jackson, Marble Hill and Cape Girardeau, about 4 hours from home. Despite traveling south, the weather was still cold in the middle of March. Temperatures were in the 20s-40s. We were thankful for the sunshine and dry conditions… and our trailer heater.

The facilities included stall barns and electrical hookups- all first come/first serve. We arrived before noon on Friday and were able to secure both.

The main arena barn included a heated area with seating, normally used for church services, and a concession area with tables and chairs. These spaces included a wall of windows providing ground-level viewing into the arena. A bleacher area was also located at the far end of the rodeo arena.

There was a food truck in the back and a tack set up in the front. A warm bathroom and small shower area were also in the main building near the office/announcer’s stand.

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