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Preacher, The Legendary Mountain Man- How it All Began by William W. Johnstone

Art encounters pilgrims traveling from St. Louis heading West, when they’re attacked by Indians. The Preacher helps save four members and delivers them to a fort where he’s asked to lead a wagon train further west. He is reluctant, but couldn’t resist helping. He faces lots of challenges from robbers, but continues to lead the wagon train through the rough terrain and the elements of nature. Read about these adventures for the first 322 pages.

Part 2 of the book is the backstory of how he becomes known as The Preacher. Beginning with leaving his family in Ohio at age 13, Art is searching for something more than the simple farm life. While traveling on a riverboat, penniless and starving, he starts working in exchange for room and board. He is faced with many challenges and obstacles including the river pirates that capture Art, the man in St. Louis that tricks him with the allure of heading west, and the woman he assists with escaping.

All of these twists and turns land Art into slavery. After running away from the landowner, he encounters the Indians. Held captive by the Indians for 6 months, he learns survival techniques. The War of 1812 begins and Art finds himself in between the English and the Indians. The Indians save him from the English and Art joins the American Army to fight the British.

Art has several more close encounters with death, but is eventually able to head west and search for the creature, the untamed wilderness.

They Called Him Preacher, The Man Behind the Legend, by William W. Johnstone

The adventures of The Preacher continue through the West, teaching lessons to those he encounters along the way. He is challenged by people of all kinds-from Indians to arrogant white men. How will The Preacher deal with them without losing his way? Find out in this book.

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