Casey’s Library- A Cowboy’s Guide to Great Literature (Beef)

Year of the Cow by Jared Stone. “How 420 pounds of Beef Built a Better Life for One American Family”

This book in a stand-alone feature this month. It was a “real find” at the dollar store and was well worth the money.

This book is filled with commentary, recipes and reviews.

Starting at the very beginning of the process, as far back as Jared’s (the author) experience of meeting the rancher, “Year of the Cow” takes the reader through the process of choosing and consuming a beef.

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As you read the 302 pages, you’ll smile at his stories, drool over his recipes and realize that an entire beef is an amazing piece of meat.

This nose to tail approach is interesting for even a beef-eater like me. You’ll notice the “stand-by” recipes but also some new and creative ways to use the cuts. Challenge yourself to try something different. You might actually like it.

Whether you butcher your own beef, buy it in the grocery store or aren’t a fan of meat, I still recommend this book. We can all learn something from another’s experience.

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