20 Items to Pack For a Day at a Horse Sale (or Any Livestock Auction)

Packing like a pro and reducing stress by being prepared can make a trip much more enjoyable…a trip to the sale barn that is. Your suitcase is packed and the trailer loaded, but what will you need on sale day?

Much like a carry-on for flying, a small bag equipped with the essentials can save you time, money and anxiety. I’m providing a list of items to pack (or at least consider) into a tote, backpack, purse, etc. as you head into the auction barn for your next horse or livestock sale. Whether you’re buying or selling, or just socializing you’ll always find yourself (or a family member) in need of something. Don’t make a special trip back to the truck and trailer or even into town for that something- have it already packed and handy.

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1. ID: This is often required to get a buyers number

2. Financial Documents: Need a bank letter? If you didn’t submit it ahead of time, be sure to pack it along

3. Check book or Credit Card: Pay for those purchases

4. Cash: You don’t want to chase down your spouse for extra cash; be sure to have your own stash

5. Pen: Take notes, write down lot numbers and price or contact information of people you meet

6. Catalog/Sale Material: Bring it along with you if you received it in the mail or you’ve printed it off. You never know when the office will run out and you’ll be without.

7. Headache Pills

8. Hand Sanitizer or Hand Wipes

9. Portable Charger: Recharge your device while you sit in the seats

10. Gum: You’ll be in close proximity to many people- talking about horses or the latest gossip. Don’t let them know that you had onions on that hamburger you ate in the sale barn cafe.

11. Snacks: Nuts, Candy

12. Drinks: This might overload your bag, but if you have room thrown in a bottle of water. You’ll save yourself from paying for it later

13. Kleenex: the potential uses are endless: runny nose, spit out your gum, a bathroom stall with no TP

14. Hair Tie or Barrette

15. Chapstick/Lip Gloss: Depending on the environment, sale barns and outside pens can be very drying, protect your lips from the elements and stay looking fresh

16. Business Cards or other promotional tools

17. Extra Clothes: Scarf, Gloves, Jacket, etc.

18. Face Mask: Truthfully I’m not a huge “maskhole” but I like to keep a mask handy in case I find myself in a confined area or an uncomfortable situation

19. Phone: This isn’t something you need reminded to keep with you, but having it packed in your bag will keep your hands free and reduce the chances of losing it.

20. Keys: Much like your phone, it’s something you’re going to have to keep with you anyway, so might as well have a home for them instead of creating a bulge in your pocket.

You’ll also want to choose the appropriate bag: A tote, backpack, fanny pack are just a few options. Pick something washable if it’s soft or something slick and dust and smell resistant. Your bag of choice will absorb much of it’s surroundings.

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