Convertible Gear (Great for traveling-horse riders)

Load up your wagons with these essentials.

Have you tried to convince your husband that your next Amazon purchase is worth the money? Or when the FedEx and UPS trucks pass each other in the driveway, are you stammering with excuses?

Everyone loves saving money and after the initial cost of a horse or a vacation, who wants to spend even money on a new wardrobe or gear?

Here are a few of the products we love that can work double duty; great for traveling anywhere and also useful for training horses and riding around the ranch.

Whether you’re a traveler, a cowgirl, or both, life will be easier and more fun with the addition of the following items.

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Selfie Stick

What better way to capture your personal memories on horse back or in front of a landmark than by using a selfie stick. Avoid the awkwardness of asking a stranger to take your picture; this isn’t even an option, riding in the country- no one around for miles.

Fanny Pack Running Belt

You may laugh, but these are very practical. A fanny pack or running belt can hold many essential items from a medicine stash, to car keys, to your phone. Throw in an extra hair clip or band and you’re ready to ride; a bike tour or a trail ride, you’ll have what you need without strapping on a backpack.

Disposable Rain Poncho

A pack of disposable rain ponchos can come in very handy. This multicolored pack of ponchos will match almost anything and works for men, women and children.

Water bottle

Stay hydrated. It’s obvious and we’ve all been told many times to drink plenty of water. Why not have an awesome water bottle or cup?

Phone Ring Holder

They seem like a fun “extra” but they are essential if you plan to do much while filming or photographing with a phone. Being active and taking part in the festivities is where you’ll get the best shots. Don’t get caught sitting on the sidelines worried about dropping your phone. Hang on to this ring attached to the back of your phone and when not in use, fold it over and you won’t know it’s there.

Athletic Clothing

Be comfortable, functional, practical and still look great.

Rain Coat

This pink jacket is what I have personally. It’s available in other colors, plus its waterproof and lightweight. I don’t think the guys will borrow it, no matter how hard the wind blows!

Sunscreen & Skincare Products

Skincare is important no matter what the conditions. From dry mountain air to sun-drenched, salty beaches, keep your skin hydrated and protected from the elements.

Beach/Picnic Blanket

You won’t stay in the saddle or playing in the ocean waves all day long. You’ll need a break and need a place to sit or stretch out.


Protect your face and ears from the sun. Shelter your eyes from the rays. Cover up or contain that messy hair. An assortment or even just one great hat can do all of that!

A Good Book

Learn about ranching while relaxing on vacation- Sounds like a win-win. Or read about an exotic location while at home on the ranch- A win-win also, with a cheaper price tag.

Need some great cowboy book ideas? Check them out HERE at Casey’s Library- A Cowboy’s Guide to Literature and others in the “Reading… That’s Cowboy” series. Looking for destinations for spending time relaxing and reading? Our Travel Memoirs Series features many great locations we’ve visited ourselves. “Traveling…That’s Cowboy (Or Cowgirl)” has some of our personal recommendations.

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