Have Mom Will Travel 2020- Part 1

Departure from Shelbina, MO and arrival in Eureka Springs, AR

The suitcases are loaded, we have a full tank of gas, cooler stocked, matching shirts on- Let’s hit the road. We’re Arkansas bound as we depart the driveway at 10:26am. It’s a cool morning so we’re dressed in layers but still proud of our base layer: coordinating shirts, reminding us of the overall vacation goal- spend time together and create memories as a mom/daughter trio.

A cool, cloudy, September morning

Our route was mapped out but nothing is set in stone. We headed south- first stop lunch. Picnics and eating in the car ended up as commonplace on the trip as Covid-19 resulted in drive-thru-only fast food.

Kingdom, City, MO- Arbys for Lunch

Later a pit stop for bathroom and to refuel. We took in the scenery as we continued into South Missouri and crossed into Arkansas. Approximately six hours later we completed the day’s drive, arriving in Eureka Springs, AR later that afternoon.

And now it is almost 90 degrees

We had already had many laughs and were enjoying ourselves and the rising temperatures. As friends and family were still cold back at home, we were shedding our jackets and soaking up the sunshine. The nearly 30 degree temp increase was welcomed by all three of us.

The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, AR

Our first night was booked at The 1886 Crescent Hotel. Like the name says- its old. And awesome. It has so much character and they even claim, “old characters” are still roaming around the place. That means its haunted. So along with our nights stay, we also scheduled a ghost tour.

No one wants a ghost tour on an empty stomach, so we headed down town for supper at Amigos Mexican restaurant. We ate great food and walked through the historic and very quaint downtown area of town. After returning to the hotel, we went up to the 4th floor to the Skybar for a pre-ghost-hunt drink. Then headed across the haul to the start of the tour.

It was very interesting. But we didn’t spot any ghosts or paranormal activity. We still enjoyed learning the history of the hotel and hearing the stories as we walked through the building. The tour even included the basement, with autopsy rooms-the hotel was converted into a hospital for many years- and shelves lined with bottles dug up from the hotel grounds.

A Night in Eureka Springs

We slept peacefully in our second floor, balcony room. No visits from ghosts and our belongings were where we had left them the evening before- no funny spirit business. The accommodations were historic, but had modern amenities and the room had a nice walk-out balcony with seating.

Our stay included a voucher for breakfast in the Crystal Ballroom on the main floor of the hotel. It was an extravagant room with a nice breakfast. Normally a buffet, ala carte was our only option due to Covid, but it worked out great for us.

The Grotto Spring

After breakfast we took to the nearby hiking trail to walk off some bacon, sausage and eggs. There was a nice path leading us around a 1.5 mile loop with historic homes, buildings and landscaped springs.

The Crescent Spring

The hotel grounds featured a swimming pool, frisco swings, yard games and beautiful architecture and garden areas. We made it back to the hotel lobby just as the rain began. As the shower continued we made the decision to leave town and drive in the rain instead of waiting it out. With a quick stop at McDonald’s for drinks for the road, our stay in Eureka Springs was complete, and we headed southeast towards Little Rock.

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