Reading… That’s Cowboy

It has been said that reading is for nerds, book worms, intellectuals, students…well it’s for cowboys and ranchers, too. Not only does the woman at Schwieter Land and Livestock read, but so do the men- Casey included.

Whatever you choose to read, it’s most likely going to help you more than hurt you. From print magazines, to digital articles, all the way to novels, reading can be a very enjoyable, educational and leisurely pastime. It is a great way to unwind or escape from “it all” without leaving the house.

Not sure what to read? Well, let us help you. Watch for monthly blog posts featuring Casey’s book reviews. Each post will provide a book overview, along with opinions and personal recommendations. The post will even provide links so you can purchase the reviewed book, or others like it, directly from Amazon. Don’t miss these upcoming opportunities to buy these featured books for yourself, the cowboy you love, or just anyone interested in great reading.

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