Basketball Court is a Great Investment When it Doubles as a Roping Arena

There’s a lot to be considered prior to breaking ground and breaking the bank for your personal basketball court.

Building infrastructure at any location can be a costly investment. Real estate is precious whether in town or in the country. Building materials and labor are not cheap.

With all this said, the benefits can greatly outweigh the price tag, but it takes planning and careful consideration.

Pouring a concrete pad the size of a half-court basketball court is not a simple or cheap task, but if its the right fit, its definitely worth it.

The Process

Choosing the Location
Clearing the Area
Dirt Work
Base Layer
Concrete Materials
Pouring Labor
Basketball Goal
Finishing Touches
Further Landscaping

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One of our favorite past times is playing basketball. It is a great sport and hobby. You can read more about it HERE.

Combining hardscape projects can reduce the overall cost.

Our side and back yard had an existing drainage problem. Knowing that we’d have it torn up for some tiling and landscaping, this seemed like an opportune time to pour a pad and create a basketball court.

Double Duty

Not only is the court used for basketball, it’s great for roping also. Who knew we were pouring a pad perfect for a rolling roping dummy?

Is it Right For You?

Many of the same considerations for building a barn, which you can read about here, can be applied to a basketball court. Look at your unique situation and decide if it is the right move for you and your family. We haven’t regretted our decision.

What Does the Future Look Like?

I love looking out the window with the view of the court. Our boys get tons of enjoyment from it. Our entire family benefits from it, even Grandpa.

Although the basketball court is for recreation, it can eventually be used as a pad for a garage, shop or other building structure. Who knows what we’ll do with ours in the next 20 years, but don’t tell that to Uncle Sam.

We built the basketball court correctly, with the intention of it lasting a long, long time. Maybe one day, Casey and I will be having wheel chair races across the smooth surface?!

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