Casey’s Library- A Cowboy’s Guide to Great Literature (Quick Reads)

This month, two shorter books are featured. If you don’t have a ton of time to devote to reading, these are both great choices. They are different from one another, but similar in that they can take you to another place and time. Want to be a trapper on the plains? How about a cowboy in New Mexico? Escape the “February” wherever you are with one (or both) of these books.

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My Sixty Years On the Plains Trapping, Trading and Indian Fighting By W.T. Hamilton

My Sixty Years On the Plains is really easy read that will keep you engaged. It is a shorter book with only 120 pages, filled with interesting and detailed accounts of a trapper’s life during Indian times.

Quick Read Book Review-My Sixty Years On the Plains

This books offers a unique view of the times. Trappers worked with Indians but not without confrontations and these personal accounts explain the whys and the hows. It also includes many other interesting facts: like the emphasis on the importance of the sign language used as common form of communication. This allowed the trappers and the different tribes of Indians to interact without knowing the unique spoken languages.

The Hi-Lo Country A Land Without Boundaries. A Passion Without Limits By Max Evans

The Hi-Lo Country is also a shorter book with only 180 pages. The story of two friends takes place following WWII in New Mexico. Both characters love the western way of life, but have a little different way of looking at it. One more traditional, sticking to the old ways and the other has the understanding that change is sometimes needed.

If you enjoy reading about the struggles of life and ranching then don’t miss this one. It is a story of independence and the carefree life- working hard and playing hard. It also has a touch of romance- as both guys fall in love with the same woman.

Quick Read Book Review-The Hi Lo Country

The book was made into a movie in the 90’s. The star-studded cast includes Woody Harrelson, Billy Crudup, Patricia Arquette and Penelope Cruz. Like most books, it is better than the movie, but you don’t have to take my word for it; do both. I’d recommend reading the book first and then watching the movie.

The book was made into a movie .

Quick Guide:
Buy the Books: My Sixty Years On The Plains, The Hi-Lo Country
Buy the Movie: The Hi-Lo Country

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