Curacao- featuring the Sunscape Resort

In 2014, we left the ranch and headed south, a long ways south. We traveled to Curacao and stayed at the Sunscape Resort, Spa and Casino.

What and where is Curacao anyway?

It is an island in the Southern Caribbean Sea, located approximately 37 mile north of the coast of Venezuela. It is the “C” of the ABC Islands, along with Aruba and Bonaire. It is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Here are more details on the country. Click here for a map of the Caribbean.

Now that we’ve figured out where we went, let me tell you what it was like.

The Resort

We visited the Willemstad, Curacao area in March 2014. We stayed at the Sunscape all-inclusive resort. The resort was not adults-only which we normally prefer. However, Curacao didn’t offer that option. (At least not through the normal outlets I search, and in 2014.)

During our stay, we enjoyed the nightly entertainment, food and drinks. We snorkeled right from the beach and also found a game of volleyball at least once a day.

Sunscape resorts are not 5 star, but provide adequate lodging and services. They had the best donuts I’ve ever tasted.

The Beach

The beach area was beautiful with literally crystal clear water and fish so translucent you could barely see them.

The downside of the ocean area was that it primarily was man-made. Large rocks and concrete were used to create a reef resulting in a lake-like cove area. It was still great, and perfect for relaxing and even snorkeling, but it provided a false sense of what the ocean/beach was truly like in the region.

The City

The nearby city of Willemstad was safe and conducive for sight seeing. Imagine our surprise to find a free shuttle into town from the resort, encouraging guests to walk around, shop, and take in the sights. No tour, no body guards, etc. Honestly we felt very safe in the brightly colored city full of shops, cafes, and markets.

The city is just like the tourist magazines show, complete with the wide array of colored buildings lined up along the boardwalk and canal. It was clean and easy to navigate.

The floating bridge is a main attraction located in the heart of the city. During our visit, we experienced the bridge being “opened up” to allow a submarine to travel through the canal into the ocean.

Would I Return?

I loved the country, the ocean and the weather. I’m very glad we visited Curacao, but I don’t know if we’ll venture back. It might be a “been there-done that” on our list of travel destinations.

The negatives include a limited selection of all-inclusive resorts, a higher price tag and longer travel time.

With no direct flights from the Midwest to Curacao, we had lay-overs in Miami to and from. The greater distance isn’t just inconvenient, but normally results in a higher cost of airfare.

My Recommendation

If you’re looking for sun and sand, skip the long commute and you should head to cheap and convenient, Mexico. But if you’re looking for culture, architecture, and a change of pace definitely put Curacao on your wish list of travel destinations. You won’t regret it.

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