Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas with 12 Days of Christmas… Outfits

A Little Background

This tradition began a couple years ago. With 2020 being such a strange year, I decided to try something new during the holiday season. I was not going into the office anymore and lots of days I didn’t see anyone but my three family guys. And guess what? I don’t think they care what I wear! Who was going to appreciate my Christmas wardrobe? I hated to have it going to waste in the tote in the storage room!

Here’s a quick video clip from 2021 for you enjoyment and also to get you prepared and excited for the upcoming Christmas season.

A Little of the “Why”

My new approach- “Do it Anyway”. Much like decorating for Christmas, dressing in Christmas ware brings me holiday cheer. Honestly not many people see my Christmas tree each year, but I still put it up.

The same applied to my outfits for 12 days over Christmas. I got up each morning, got dressed in something Christmassy and enjoyed my day no matter what was on the agenda. I plan to do the same this year, and I hope you will join in the fun!

A Little Invitation

I invite you to join me on this adventure. It isn’t a huge commitment. You don’t need to look like Santa’s Elf every day. Simply make it a point to add Christmas cheer to every ensemble.

Walking by a hallway mirror, washing your hands at the bathroom sink, hitting the selfie mode when taking a picture, catching a reflection in a shop window- how can you not smile when a Christmas decoration stares back at you? You’ll be an extra ornament for 12 days.

A Little More Encouragement

Don’t let those awesome sweaters, scarves, leggings or your seasonal jewelry go to waste. Wear it! Wear it no matter who sees you! You know “He’s always watching” (and you can always post it on social media).

2020 footage above

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