Paint Brings New Life to an Outdated Entertainment Center

This Ranch House- Entertainment Center Makeover.

I still remember the day I spent alone in Casey’s living room (soon to “ours” following the wedding). I was surrounded by planks of pressed wood, baggies of hardware, packing materials and a thick booklet of instructions.

I had all day to myself while Casey worked at the bank, and I was going to need it. After finding all of the marked pieces, mastering the allen wrench, and getting some assistance with the heavy lifting, the entertainment center was complete. Since that day, it has been a focal point in our living room for over twenty years.

The entertainment center from 2000-2020 (above)

After all these years, it was time for something new. Staring at the same tv surround had become boring and it was time for an upgrade.

Entertainment Center Ideas

There are so many styles of entertainment centers out there. From simple to extravagant, modern to antique and all with a variety of functions- maybe I should add a fireplace?!

I’d even considered hanging the tv on the wall and doing away with one completely.

Entertainment Center With Bookshelves

Over the years, the entertainment center with bookshelves and storage has become home to many keepsakes, photographs and electronics. After considering the abolishment of piece of furniture, I quickly changed my mind. Where on earth would I put all of the “stuff”?

Entertainment Center Decision

I didn’t want to part with the memories, the storage, or the cash needed to replace it. I went decided to refinish it. Keep the same, sturdy piece, but give it a new look. Paint was the answer.

Painting an Entertainment Center

I purchased the paint with primer included. I removed the bookcase shelves and used them for a test run. Success: with good coverage in 2 coats and a nice smooth finish.

Painting the entire Sauder surface, however, was not without difficulty. The veneer finish created a challenge getting the paint to adhere. The surface texture and absorption rate of each section varied.

The entertainment center during the painting process (above)

After sanding, re-priming and repainting the stubborn sections, the result was a complete, blue entertainment center. It had a few flaws but we moved it into position anyway, anticipating the need for touchups.

The entertainment center – repainted (above)

The new paint color created just the look I wanted. The original brass hardware found new life too. By only re-mounting it over the blue backdrop the handles looked better than anything new I would have purchased.

The statement piece adds interest to a tan wall above tan carpet. My décor is not lost in the blue background, but instead accentuated as part of the overall focal point.

Cherry Sauder Entertainment Center

Who knew that 20 years later, this Sauder piece of furniture, that originated from a box, hauled to Missouri in the back of my Chevy Impala, would still be one of my favorites?!

If you have a good solid piece of furniture that looks outdated or you’re just getting tired of, change it up with a coat of paint. Don’t hold back- make it something you love. What have you got to lose? $25-$50 for the supplies? It is definitely worth experimenting.

Be brave. Show your personality. Head to the paint counter. This Ranch House wouldn’t be what it is today if I errored on the conservative or boring side for my projects.

The entertainment center – finished & accessorized (above)

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