MHSR Nevada


October 8-9


Vernon County Fairgrounds, 1641 E Ashland St, Nevada, MO 64772


The weekend wasn’t perfect in the arena, but Crayton did manage to earn points in both events: calf roping on Saturday and team roping on Sunday.

This was actually the first time Crayton & Kooper had gotten a qualifying time in Team Roping at the High School Rodeo (they have at jackpots and round robins). The rookies are getting this figured out!

All of the current points/standings can be viewed HERE.


Weekends like these really make us grateful for our new rodeo family. I’ve said it all along- everyone has been so helpful and supportive- kids and parents alike.

Crayton set off solo with our truck and living-quarters trailer on the 4+ hour trip to Nevada, while the remainder of our family headed to Kansas for a horse sale.

Crayton wasn’t lonely for long. Within the first 30 miles, he’d met up with several families. Passengers jumped in to keep him company and navigate, while other rodeo rigs caravanned and led the way. The same was true for the trip home.

Over the course of the weekend we received numerous updates and videos from rodeo friends. They hadn’t even been asked! It was so sweet and comforting, knowing others were there cheering him on and supporting him, even if we could only do it from afar.

Not only did his “rodeo family” keep an eye on him, they kept him well fed. We are all so blessed. Thank you!


While at the rodeo grounds, Crayton experimented with the new trailer and it’s living quarters. He took cold showers, but managed to get the heat working each night.

No Stalls and Camper/RV Hookups available

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