Have Mom Will Travel 2020- Part 2

Eureka Springs, AR to Little Rock, AR

A girls road trip just doesn’t have the right vibe if all you really do is drive from one town to another. We needed to add some winding roads, mountain views, novelty stores, waterfall exploring, rocky hikes, eating, drinking, navigating, and a little drama from waiting until we only had 20 miles left before running out of gas. We fit all of this, and then some, into the half-day, 200 mile route, from Eureka Springs to Little Rock.

First stop, The Cliff House Inn, along scenic Hwy 7. We had a nice lunch and spent some time admiring the view of the “Arkansas Grand Canyon” from the covered porch. It was a nice place to stretch our legs, walk through the pretty flowers and browse through the gift shop.

Next stop, Falling Water Falls. This was a bit of a challenge to find, and as we drove by, it first appeared to be a dud. After further exploration, we loved it. If the weather would have been a little warmer or sunnier, we would have made the effort to change clothes and actually swim. The water was truly turquoise and even though the water flow seemed to be light, the pool section was definitely deep enough for swimming. We stuck with wading and posing for pictures and drove to the next pit stop…

King Bluff and Pedestal Rocks hike. Not far up the road, within the Ozark National Forest, we stopped for a restroom break and decided to hike the 2 mile bluff and waterfall trail. The weather was beautiful and the view and natural landscape we encountered along the trail was spectacular too.

Back to the vehicle and on the last leg into Little Rock. The speed limit increased, the traffic grew thicker and the forest thinner. We arrived in the “City” and found our bed and breakfast location before the sun set on day 2. We stayed at Rosemont B&B Cottages. It was wonderful and gave us some extra space to move around. After getting situated, we even had time left for an upscale dinner out at Copper Grill in Downtown Little Rock.

With my driving ability, my sister’s navigation skills, and my mom’s talent for keeping us calm and handing up snacks and drinks from the back seat- we were a force to be reckoned with. Sure, I failed to ever check my gas gauge until my low fuel light came on- 25 miles to empty! Jill lost our bearings as cell service was lost for a large section of the trip. And Mom was causing more lights to go off on the dash as she unbuckled to reach the drinks. She was even stuck for a bit- caught between the second row and stacked luggage in the back. This was exactly what we needed- Road trips aren’t measured by miles but by moments and memories.

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