Find A Hobby- How About Exercising?

Have you set goals for this year? I won’t dare use that nasty word “resolution”. 😝

A very popular goal is always to get in shape or lose weight. It seems like a never-ending task. Are we ever satisfied? We want to be smaller in places and bigger in others. We want to weigh less but the muscles to get stronger.

Why not take it down a notch and add exercise to your list of hobbies?

Thinking of exercise and fitness as a hobby just seems to take some of the pressure off. Any increased activity you can do is better that nothing at all.

Find something that you enjoy. OK, some don’t find working out enjoyable, but surely there’s something can get you moving… and not suffering. Go for a walk. Join a live group class. Go to the gym. Workout with a video in the comforts of your own home. Take dance lessons. Play a sport. Ride a horse.

You don’t have to set and reach a specific goal to be successful. Hobbies don’t need to have measurable goals. Just do it for FUN- To better yourself in some way. Learn something. Improve.

Getting leaner, buffer and healthier will be an added bonus.

I’ve shared some photos from NEMO Fitness in Clarence, MO. Check them out if you’re looking for a great place to begin, or continue, your exercising hobby.

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