(Can’t Live Without) Athletic Sandals

EQUICK Women’s Arch Support Athletic Sandal Yoga Mat Insole Beach Shoes

Shopping for a versatile, practical, comfortable and stylish pair of sandals? These are the answer. And they won’t break the bank!

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I had been searching for a pair of hiking sandals for vacation- waterproof, stable, with an adjustable fit and nice appearance. I also have a high arch so support was important. I didn’t want to be hiking or exploring rock formations at the ocean’s edge wearing a “pancake flat board with a couple straps on top”.

I typed “sandals with arch support” in the search and for less than $30 I had a pair on the way. I chose black but there are other color options available. This was over a year ago and I am still very happy with the purchase. They are adjustable with Velcro straps over the ball of the foot and around the ankle. No slip and sliding, flip or flopping in these.

The sandals have traveled Costa Rican gravel roads and been worn on turtle watching tours on the beach. They have made appearances at the sale barn (mostly in the office where open-toed shoes actually make sense) and have accompanied me on shopping trips between work and home. The latest test was during a road trip in Arkansas. I wore them for hours driving, straight into the steam, through and around the waterfall before getting back into the car. A ways down the road we stopped again for a 2 mile hike- no need to change shoes. I wore the sandals along the trail of rocks, dirt and tree roots. My feet were cool and comfortable even as we reached King’s Bluff and Pedestal Rocks near the end of the trail. No blisters, sore spots or tired achy feet and legs.

blurry but you get the idea

They aren’t fancy, but have the look of popular athletic sandals but at a fraction of the cost. They are lightweight and great for packing. They dry quickly and do not hold odor. EQUICK Women’s Athletic Sandal/Beach Shoes are definitely worth the investment.

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