Bathroom Facelift for $500- A DIY Guide to saving money while adding style and function to a small space in This Ranch House

This Ranch House bathroom was in need of a facelift. Serving as the guest bath and the kids’ bathroom, it didn’t get much attention other than a quick cleaning every now and then. As long as it functioned, style was not a priority.

The room has already had a time in the DIY spotlight about 18 years ago when we went from the original mustard yellow tile and stool/tub to the more updated look. I wish I had a before-before photo to share, but that is a look that I wanted to erase from all memory.

Fast forward to 2022. The before photos (below) show the more tranquil, muted space, that incorporated color and details like the crown molding- the bathroom of early 2022. Nice enough, but we were tired of it. We wanted a more modern, updated, cleaner look. We wanted bright, but sophisticated, while adding even more function to the room.

And we wanted to achieve this for around $500! Keep reading to see if we could accomplish the task.

A big portion of the budget right off the start was the new shower/tub fixture. It was a larger ticket item, but well worth it. We replaced the old stainless shower head and faucet with a sleek, gold set which also included a hand held shower head.

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Not only did the new paint colors create a drastically new look, but the removal of the crown molding made the space look more modern.

As you’ve heard before, paint is a cost-effective way to change the look of a space, and it is true in this bathroom. There is new paint on the ceiling and walls and touchups on the trim.

To save money in the budget, and to save labor and headache, we kept the same vanity.

Gold leaf gel made touching up the medicine cabinet and vanity a breeze. The fresh gold accents it provided added just the right amount of shine to the mirror frame and drawer pulls. It also brightened up areas of the antiqued portions of the vanity drawers and surrounds.

The biggest change to the vanity was the new sink hardware.

New light fixtures with new LED bulbs really brightened the space, adding function and style.

The flooring was replaced. This also made the space feel lighter and airier.

A can of gold spray paint did the trick on the old hardware. The stainless look now matches the richer gold tones throughout the room. The towel bars, curtain rod, hooks and toilet paper holder were all in good shape and now with a fresh coat of paint, they are as good as new.

The shower curtain and liner were replaced, as well as the hooks for hanging.

The old picture above the stool had a makeover also. It was a good fit for the space, but the colors were wrong. A little artwork makeover and the piece is as good as new. Maybe even better than new; it is custom made to match!

This same idea was carried into the other artwork throughout the room. A modern look was achieved by creating some abstract pieces by pulling colors from the shower curtain and wall paint color schemes.

Here it is! A fresh new bathroom for under $500. I wonder if this will last us close to another 20 years?!

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