Complete Excellence Experienced at the Excellence Resort- Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The Excellence Resort– an all-inclusive, adults only resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Vacation Memories from March 2013. Our first experience in Dominican Republic. It is a beautiful and safe country with lots of vacation options available. We liked it so much we went back in 2016. Be sure to read about that trip also, but first the Excellence Resort…

A fancy and fun place all wrapped up into one.

The restaurants were excellent with lots of choices and variety.

A heated game of beach volleyball resulted in a pair of broken sunglasses and a little blemish where the lens cut/bruised Casey under the eye.

There were all kinds of activities and sports. We played them all from Squash (racket ball) to miniature golf. (beach volleyball, basketball, pool, bicycling… and even horse back riding on the beach!)

Fun shows and grand entertainment kept our evenings busy. They had everything from circus acts to a Michael Jackson show/performance.

The weather was beautiful, but during a few overcast periods it got a bit cool. You can see me here wrapped up in my towel to stay warm. But a few rain clouds and cool breezes weren’t going to ruin my trip; it was definitely better than the weather back in Missouri.

Travel Tip:
An affordable, 4 hour, direct flight from St. Louis, Dominican Republic is a great option. Be sure to check the travel time to the resort from the airport. Don’t start your vacation off poorly with an unexpected, lengthy commute to the hotel. Check the itinerary and prepare yourself for some sight seeing out the window along the way or catch up on some sleep before the real fun begins.

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